Packets and Faders: Where IT & A/V Tech serve the church.

Network switch

Packets and Faders comprise of IT and AV folks from three different churches, and each of us provides for the IT needs of their respective churches. We meet at a “local for some” pizza joint on Fridays and spend time commiserating over the week we just had in IT at our respective churches; celebrating highs and working out the details together for our lows. Our IT skills range from systems management, IT infrastructure, web development, software development, network management, network design and we speak Windows, Mac and Linux. We tend to bounce ideas off of one another throughout the day and act as a support group to make sure we get our jobs done and not feel like we’re doing it all by ourselves.

Audio Mixer

Why Packets and Faders? As a collective, we work in the IT (packets) and A/V Tech (faders) spaces at our churches. We have the unique opportunity to build the networks that support the sound and video as well as manage how the sound and video equipment is used and constructed. Most IT folks at smaller churches tend to do everything “technology” related including sound. With that in mind, we wanted to make sure we cover both IT and A/V Tech so that we can support both of those unique, yet sometimes overlapping spaces.

The goal on this site is to share with you the work we do in the Church IT space. So if you do this same kind of work, you can either learn from us or laugh at us as we work the tickets that our staff submits to our helpdesk!

Jason Tucker


IT Director (Whittier Area Community Church), Web Developer (tucker.pro), Podcaster & YouTuber ( WPwatercooler & WPblab)

Philip Gaw


IT Corridnator (EvFree Fullerton Church)

Joe Benson


IT Director (Rock Harbor Church)

David Corrigan


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